how does Adept work?

How does it work?

1. Give Adept an I.P. Range
Adept will find and acqure all devices using it's scanning capabilities. This includes all routers, power units, wireless access points, repeaters, etc. Any device in the I.P. Range with a remote port.

2. Adept will discover and connect to all devices found.
Once acquired the devices will be polled and monitored. Adept's software has the ability to bridge to any device on the network. This allows for the monitoring and control of devices through Adept's single control pannel.

3. Adept will continuously monitor the found devices
Devices are monitored and then can be remotely managed.

There's nothing like seeing it.

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What our clients say

"Using Adept has brought to light temperature issues that are not yet alarms, but would affect battery longevity."

Tony Komljanec
Equipment Engineering