what is Adept?

Why is this important?

The devices that keep your infrastructure balanced, operational and maintained become increasingly critical as your company grows. The power systems, battery back ups that ensure uptime, the site to site transmitters that ensure communcation, the repeater sites that extend your range; these all become more and more critical.

By being able to connect manage and maintain any vendor’s device, Adept is able to give a global view of any and all devices in your IoT infrastructure through one online console.

What can it do?

Manage your devices View all your IoT devices in one panel. Push Configuration Configure multiple devices at once. Audit your network Recieve real time updates on the status of your devices

What our clients say

"Network availability has improved with Adept as power plant inconsistencies, potentially service affecting, are immediately visible. The export function allows for off-line spreadsheet mining of power plants with calibration issues, missing temperature sensors, improper configurations, high temperatures, and many other issues."

Tony Komljanec
Equipment Engineering